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Instagram sensation @nailfumi has mastered nail extensions utilizing Après Gel X system

Après Gel X

Nail extensions without the damage.

  • Press ons pop off
  • Acrylic and hard gel extensions pile on product, risking infection during a process that harshly drills and damages the natural nail

“There’s Gotta Be A Better Way To Get Longer Nails…”

Enter: Après Gel X

  • Après Gel X extensions include sturdy soft gel “tips” that fit over the natural nail to extend length.
  • To maximize adhesion, the inside base of the Gel X tip is lightly drilled, instead of the natural nail (as with acrylic or hard gel nail extensions).
  • Gel is applied to the natural nail and tip, and is then cured under a UV/LED lamp for 10 seconds (known as flash curing) and then again for 60-90 seconds to fully set the product.
  • Let Somer style to your hearts desire and viola! Longer nails with no damage to the natural nail.
  • Wear time is 2-4 weeks depending on how fast the natural nails grow out.
  • The Gel X are removed with acetone, the same way gel polish is removed and the process starts over on clean nails.

Gel X services will be available soon!

Interested in becoming a hand model?

Text Somer at 727-777-2356!

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