Giving Back

Because everyone deserves to feel polished.

Between July 27th 2019 and February 2020, Somer donated over 200 manicures worth over $4,000!

What did you do, prior to covid19 to volunteer in the Tampa Bay community?

  • I would provide free manicures to the residents at a memory care facility twice a month.
  • I also volunteered with an organization that helped rehabilitate local survivors of human trafficking. Along with food pick up and project assisting, I also donated manicures in the form of graduation presents once the survivors graduated from the program.

What Assisted Living Facility and Organization did you work with?

Where did your idea for volunteering come from?

  • Inspired by my husband, Chris Palmer, I formed the idea while listening to him tell me of his fond memories with the late Bill Sharpstein, founder and president of Gold Coast Greyhound Adoptions. As a foster for GCGA, Chris along with Bill and other volunteers would bring retired greyhounds to sit and visit with the residents at local assisted living and memory care facilities. From Chris’s volunteering experiences, I formed the idea to combine my passion for nail art with my compassion for people.

Why are you so passionate about giving away free manicures?

  • The “Always Polished Life” is a state of mind. It doesn’t mean to be “dressed to the nines”, it means to feel “dressed to the nines”. Everyone deserves to feel that way, but we don’t always have that ability. I want to offer that feeling to as many people as I can for as long as I can.

How can others get involved?

  • When I become your nail tech, you support my humanitarianism goals. From the profits I make at Always Polished Life, I am am able to buy the supplies needed to one day continue to donate professional manicures to the women (and sometimes men) of local memory care facilities. I also have a business goal that will one day involve a scholarship. I don’t know what that quite looks like yet, but I’m working on it.

“When you do my nails, you always make me feel so beautiful” – Joyce G 89

“You make me feel so fancy” – Barbara, 74

“You show so much experience and are such a beautiful lady” – Theresa, 99

“I really appreciate you thinking of me. You do a good job” – Leroy, 93

-Residents of Seasons of Largo

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